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How to Review a Special Events Rentals Contract

Special event rentals make it easy for you to pull off the perfect party, gala or corporate events. Your event venue may provide you with some equipment and supplies, but most people find that they need to rent additional equipment. Renting is often preferred over buying because it is convenient and cost-effective. More than that, you may not have a need for the equipment in the near future and do not want to pay to store the equipment off-site. When you make the decision to move forward with special event rentals, you likely will be asked to sign a contract for the equipment. This contract may protect the rental company from expenses related to damage to the equipment and more, but it also can protect you in a number of ways. As you review your contract, pay attention to these important factors.

The Dates of the Rental
One of the most important features to pay attention to when reviewing a contract is the dates of service. These contracts are often very specific with regards to dates as well as times. Some contracts, for example, may only allow you to rent the equipment for a few hours on one specific day. Others may clearly spell out late fees that may be imposed on you if you do not return the equipment by a certain hour of the day. To avoid unnecessary fees, focus on these dates.

An Itemization of the Equipment
You do not want the dates of your corporate events to arrive only to realize that you did not reserve the right equipment. However, accidents and mishaps can occur when drafting a contract, and because of this, it is always important to review the itemization of the equipment carefully. If you are reserving multiple counts of a specific item, such as table linens, ensure that you will have enough of those items for all of your needs. In some cases, you may even reserve extra just in case the need arises for them.

The Services Provided
A final and critical aspect of the contract to review is the services provided. Most specifically, pay attention to the delivery of the equipment, if this service is provided. A firm delivery date and time should be provided. Then, consider if setup and tear down service is provided. With some types of equipment rental, a member of the company’s staff may remain on-site to assist with equipment operation throughout the special event.

Having the right equipment on hand throughout your event is important if you want to host a successful event that is enjoyed by all. Regardless of the type of equipment you are renting, these important contract elements should be carefully reviewed for the best overall rental experience. Learn more information at Gervais Party And Tent Rentals Ltd or speak with one of their experts if you have any questions.

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