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Four Reasons Fanny Packs Make Perfect Gifts

Have you considered buying a family member or a friend a cool artsy fanny packs for a present? Cute fanny packs can be perfect to give to someone that you love. One reason is that they are inexpensive but invaluable. You can buy them for less than the amount of money that you would spend on movie tickets for a family of four on Friday night, but the gift recipient could literally use it for at least a dozen things. The following are some of the top things that people can put in their fanny packs:


Money and Money Holders

One of the most common things that people put in their fanny packs is money. The fanny packs keep their money secure with a zipper and sturdy materials. It keeps their money from being stolen and lost. Your loved one will most likely think your gift is extremely thoughtful.


A fanny pack is a perfect gift for someone who is on the go like a delivery driver, a babysitter, a teacher, a hospital worker or anyone who has a busy job. The person can put three to five snack bars in the fanny pack and then go to work for the day. A child who does not want to carry a book bag can opt to carry a fanny pack instead. A frequent traveler could take a snack in the fanny pack, as well.

Smartphones and Electronics

Smartphones and electronics are additional items that one may want to put inside of a fanny pack. Mp3 players, smartphones, headsets and more can go into a waist pack. A fanny pack on the waist can hold a person’s items while they are walking, jogging, riding a bike or performing a wide variety of other activities.


Mail can fit into a person’s fanny pack, as well. The traveler never has to be without his or her favorite piece of mail from family members and friends. At least one week’s worth of mail can fit into a normal sized pouch.


Fanny packs can accommodate someone who wants to bring books to read on a trip. Some of them are quite large. Books are a great tool for spending one’s time wisely while traveling or waiting for something amazing to happen.

If you are looking for a cool fanny pack, you can feel confident that you will find one. Stores have tons of them. You can choose the one that you like according to your budget and the recipient’s personality and preferences. You will find something appropriate if you have patients and look for something that reflects all of the previously stead characteristics.