Special Report: Presenting and Aboriginal Communities

2012/06/06 11:40:30 AM in Updates/Mises à jour by Inga Petri

This Supplementary Report on Presenting and Aboriginal Communities presents information we have gleaned during the first year of this project.

Special Report on Aboriginal Presenting (PDF) – Amended on Aug. 22, 2012

This information is based on our Overview of the History of Presenting in Canada, Dialogue sessions at Breakout West 2011 (Whitehorse, YK) and the  Impact 11 Conference (Kitchener, ON) as well as data from the national Survey of Performing Arts Presenters that allows us to better see how presenters serving Aboriginal communities differ from other presenters.

I am thankful to the artists and presenters who generously have shared their experiences.

Now, over to you:

  • In what ways do these findings mirror your own experiences?
  • What are your stories of bringing Aboriginal performing arts to audiences in your community; and of bringing Aboriginal audiences into your venues?
  • What is next for you – as an artist, a producer, a presenter, an audience member, a donor – in contributing to the rich, diverse cultural fabric of Canada?

I look forward to your stories, comments and observations.


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