Special Report: Rural and Northern Presenting

2012/05/17 12:40:05 PM in Updates/Mises à jour by Inga Petri

This Supplementary Report on Rural and Northern Presenting shows how attitudes, values and believes differ in rural and Northern settings compared  to larger, urban centres. It highlights data on benefits of performing arts presenting obtained from both Canadians and presenters.

Special Report Rural Northern Presenting (PDF)

Presentation Rural Northern Presenting Highlights (PDF)

We undertook two webinars with 20 participants from the three Northern Territories and Ontario and Saskatchewan rural presenters. Their initial feedback and experience is part of this Supplementary Report.

Now it is your turn:

  • Do these findings mirror your experience? How?
  • What are your priorities in your community and how can these findings help you?
  • What are the implications for your relationships within your community, with artists, with funders?

Please add comments and observations.

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