Presenting history extensively updated

2012/04/19 8:00:03 AM in Updates/Mises à jour by Inga Petri

The history of performing arts presentation in Canada provides an important context for our journey into the future.

Overview_History_Presenting_Update_2012 (PDF)

This update includes new sections on:

  • Aboriginal performing arts
  • Multi-disciplinary presenting (further updates 4/28/2012)
  • Festivals (further addition made 4/21/2012)
  • Minority-language groups (Canada’s francophonie)
  • Presenting networks with founding dates and information about Contact events

This new content enhances the understanding of the discipline-specific, Quebec- specific and funding information we had previously collected.

I thank those who have reviewed an earlier draft, provided comments on this web site. We also gleaned additional information from some of the interviews and dialogue sessions we conducted and have researched additional elements.

This document together with the just published Literature Review, are key outputs of this project. We hope you find them useful.

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